What is equity participation?

Equity participation refers to the opportunity of a developer in need of financial support that Equity & Co will provide the debt contribution that is required by first mortgagee to settle land or construction facility. Equity & Co have numerous financial partners that offer 100% funding in exchange for a first mortgage interest rate and a profit share participation of the end development project. This is available to approved experienced developers who have good solid development sites but are cash deficient and don’t have the usually required 35% equity for a construction facility on gross realisation value to be able to settle a land and construction facility.

Equity & Co is not a ‘Loan to Own’ lending group. Its interest lies in the success that realises an outcome that brings investors and borrowers to a deal that achieves a desired outcome that all parties are agreeable on and always are required to obtain independent legal advice on any and all documents term sheets and loan offers prior to any settlement.

A commercial mortgage lender that either facilitates an investment in a first, second mortgage or equity transaction that can be either distressed, non-distressed or a transaction whereby the sponsor has the building or project without the funds to complete the project or is just in need of standard finance commercial borrowing. This unique product that Equity & Co offers is one that supports blue chip sites that would otherwise be lost to cashed up developers leaving solid developers the loss of opportunity to develop assts that would otherwise be able to be developed of not for the assistance of Equity & Co.