Land and construction facilities

What is a Land and Construction facility?

With a strong belief in supporting developers with quality projects, our team focuses less on pre-sales and more on a holistic outlook, considering property development experience, project merit, risk mitigants, project gearing and the borrower group’s financial strength.

With a vested interest in ensuring each property project in our portfolio delivers on its financial goals, our team will work with you from loan inception through to completion, offering tailored loan support where needed.

We are delighted to be building wealth together with an increasing number of brokers and developers, all with different funding needs.

Whether it’s for land sub-division, property construction or completed stock, inner-city or regional, our team is available to discuss development financing for your project.

Target loan criteria

To ensure your project stacks up, consider some of our target loan criteria.

  • Proven track record in property development & construction
  • Loan size between $3m & $40m
  • LVR no greater than 65% of the GRV
  • Registered first mortgage as security
  • Clear marketing strategy for sell down or refinance